Metal Roofing Benefits

Indianapolis Metal Roofing Beneifts

Metal Roof Benefits

A metal roof is one of the most significant investments you can make to boost your property’s value. Metal roofing provides longevity, energy efficiency, eco-sustainability, and beauty, providing benefits for any size business or home in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Energy Efficiency

Energy proficiency is a metal roofing advantage. Do you realize that a painted metal roof coated with distinctive paint pigments aid in reflecting the heat given off by the sun? These pigments are known as infrared reflective pigments.  Every color comes with a different rating that gauges how much heat is reflected by the paint coating.

Of course, the lighter colors reflect the most heat, but you might be shocked by just how much heat a dark color reflects as well. The darker colors, when matched to a comparable color shingle roof, essentially is more energy efficient than the shingle roof.


Longevity is a metal roofing advantage. Did you know that most correctly installed metal roofs will last nearly twice as long than a shingle roof? If you don’t believe it, go and visit historical buildings. You never see a 100-year old building with its original shingle roof on it.

The main reason for this is that a shingle roof begins to depreciate right after installation. The asphalt in the shingles starts to crack and dry up in the humidity and heat. The metal roof has a shied of a lasting zinc-aluminum coating that resists high moisture and temperatures.

Cost of Ownership

Cost of Ownership is a metal roofing advantage. Do you realize that it’s indeed cheaper to own a metal roof than a shingle roof over the lifecycle of the roof?  Think about it. Though a metal roof costs more upfront than a shingled roof, if the metal roof outlives the shingle roof, then the shingle roof costs more. Meaning, if you have to replace your shingle roof twice, contrasted to only once with a metal roof, then the metal roof is cheaper to own.


Metal is the most eco-friendly and sustainable roofing material existing. A majority of metal roofs are built of at least 30% recycled material and is entirely decomposable at the end of its life. Metal roofing is less weight than an asphalt roof. Therefore, you can build newly constructed homes with a lighter structural material, saving you money while being kind to the earth.

Other Metal Roof Advantages

In contrast, asphalt roofing a combination of fiberglass or oil impregnated with paper and gravel. A standard asphalt roof holds many gallons of crude oil and must be replaced every 10-20 years, contingent on the roof’s pitch.

Over 15 billion pounds of asphalt shingles are put into U.S. landfills each year. While asphalt shingles are recyclable, the material has carcinogenic compounds which are deemed environmentally toxic and continues our dependence on fossil fuels.

Money put into the installation of a metal roof can be made back from the savings in monthly heating and AC costs, thanks to this type of roof’s reflective assets. Metal roofs reflect heat from the sun, not absorb it.

Yearly, but mainly during the summer, metal roofs reduce cooling costs by 30% percent. Moreover, some metal roofs are coated with reflective pigments to diminish heat gain, keeping occupants comfortable without having to increase the cooling on your HVAC unit.


Today’s metal roofs are much different than the corrugated ones of the past. Indeed, you can now pick from zinc, tin, copper, galvanized steel, or aluminum in a vast assortment of finishes, colors, shapes, and designs. The variety exceeds that of the more standard asphalt shingle roof.

While asphalt can have 10 to 15 color selections, today’s metal roofing has over 95 various colors in custom, standard, or premium hues. Aluminum and steel, the two common metals used in metal roofing, are both constructed to hold paint finishes correctly.

A considerable number of homeowners live under metal roofs created with the customary vertical ribbed panels or standing seam construction. Metal roofing is not short on style choices. Fans of more traditional styles can select a metal shingle made to resemble slate tiles or wood shakes.

The metal doesn’t have to be loud or stick out on top of your home or business like a sore thumb to do what it is supposed to do. Instead, it can imitate almost any look. That is thanks to the use of layered factory finishes that make sure that the roof is beautiful, as well as durable and long-lasting.